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Winter Beauty Tips




Winter Beauty Tips


Do not over heat the house/office

Try to maintain moderate temperature.

Make sure humid level is stable.

Remember! Heater is the worst enemy to your skin


8 cups of water a day

It may sound easy but it isn’t.

Drinking at least 8 cups of water will make your look younger and healthier.

Stay hydrated!


Lukewarm water shower

Hot bath on a cold day sounds so relaxing but it will drain out the moisture from your skin.

Stick with lukewarm water while showering.

But finish the facial wash with cold water for tightening!


Right after shower

Put facial mist all over yourself right after you are out from the shower booth.

Be generous to both face and body.


Moisturizer, Moisturizer

Use the moisturizer several times a day for soft and glowing skin.

Try to use both water-based & oil-based product.

TIP: use CoreFlex Hydro Rich cream. It contains phyto-hiahruron B & sunflower seed oil to protect your skin 24/7



If you feel bloated from all those Holiday Feast, detox yourself with naturally fermented vinegar drink.

It’s very simple: vinegar 1 : water 8

If you want to boost up, add honey 1 to your vinegar drink. Because honey is a liquid gold that can boost your energy.


Pack yourself!

Try to mask pack twice a week.

Make it into your weekly routine.


It’ll definitely help your skin to glow!



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