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Cleopatra's Beauty Secret


Cleopatra's Beauty Secret


Cleopatra was the beauty trend leader for centuries. She is one of the most beautiful women of all times and her beauty stays alive up until today.


Rose petal bath / Rose toner

She invented various kind of spa treatment. And one of them was rose petal bath. 

She also used rose water morning and night to give nourishment to her skin. 

Rose helps to make skin soft and smooth. And also, it give a great aroma therapy.


Milk & Honey Bath

Cleopatra used to mix young donkey's milk with fresh honey and almond oil for her bath. 

While she was traveling, she took couple of donkeys with her so that she can take the bath. 

Donkey milk helps to refine and soften the skin.


Apple cider vinegar

Cleopatra used apple cider vinegar as a face rise and face toner, a beauty secret that is still highly recommended by the beauty leaders today.


Sea salt

She used sea salt to exfoliate her body and face to remove the dead skin cells and make the skin smooth, soft and shiny. 



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