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January 1, 2017

There is nothing more gorgeous than shiny pink lips. Lips that make you want to kiss for the rest of your life. Here are some tips for turning your lips more desirable.

Natural remedies for beautiful Pink Lips

Olive oil

If you apply and leave olive oil on your lips overnight does not only moisturize them, but also lightens the darkened lip significantly.


Honey helps moisten and lighten lips.

Apply honey to your lips and let it dry.

You can also leave it on overnight.

Honey is also a great remedy for canker sore!


Lemon is...

December 24, 2016

Winter Beauty Tips

Do not over heat the house/office

Try to maintain moderate temperature.

Make sure humid level is stable.

Remember! Heater is the worst enemy to your skin

8 cups of water a day

It may sound easy but it isn’t.

Drinking at least 8 cups of water will make your look younger and healthier.

Stay hydrated!

Lukewarm water shower

Hot bath on a cold day sounds so relaxing but it will drain out the moisture from your skin.

Stick with lukewarm water while showering.

But finish the facial wash with cold water for tightening!


December 21, 2016

Cleopatra's Beauty Secret

Cleopatra was the beauty trend leader for centuries. She is one of the most beautiful women of all times and her beauty stays alive up until today.

Rose petal bath / Rose toner

She invented various kind of spa treatment. And one of them was rose petal bath. 

She also used rose water morning and night to give nourishment to her skin. 

Rose helps to make skin soft and smooth. And also, it give a great aroma therapy.

Milk & Honey Bath

Cleopatra used to mix young donkey's milk with fresh honey and almond oil...

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We are beautiful!

We just forget most of the time.